I was super excited to find out that Game of Thrones seasons 1 and 2 were free on my cable box! I watched the first episode of season 1 and I found it very difficult to pay attention. I really liked Daenerys. Bran fell off a tower because, ya know, climbing is bad. And uhhh, yeah. I don't really remember the rest because I was extremely bored. I did watch 10 minutes of episode 2 just to see if Bran was okay. 

I understand the appeal. Game of Thrones has several story arcs, nice graphics, and boobs. To me, it's mostly serious faces and formal speech which I find excruciatingly taxing to watch.  
Just started learning some Minecraft modding. Decided I'd take the plunge and fiddle with it instead of just wondering about it.

So far, I've added new recipes and changed dungeon mobs. YAY FOR BEING A NOOB! :D
I'm super tired but I'm torn between wanting to be productive and taking notes about Minecraft modding or just listen to my eyes and pass out. I think I'll do the latter. I don't even know if my sentence made sense. I'll probably edit it later. BUT FOR NOW, it shall stay broken. Tiredness is tired.

Four hours down the drain watching people prank tech support and IRS scammers. What am I doing with my life? XD 
This is a test post but I may as well add some content. Although, nothing's really bouncing around my noggin right now.

Actually, the more I type, the more self-conscious I feel... 

On a nostalgic note, I remember those days when I would be browsing the net and I'd see the fancy people with their xanga and live journals and be like dang, I wants one too! 

If only my 10 year old self could see me now.

We dids it, we did!